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Creative Programs

In 2019 KickArts Contemporary Arts is developing and presenting a new suite of Creative Programs that support local artists and provide opportunities for the community to experience and engage. 

The first series of Creative Programs will take place at the pop-up venue @The Hive | Shop 3 | School of Arts Precinct | 95 - 103 Lake Street Cairns.

12 weeks, 12 artists. Come together on Thursday evenings for art making and conversation. 

FEB 14   Cordage and Core Basketry with  Anne Jillett

FEB 21   Vegetative Design with Tijn Meulendijks

FEB 23   Cordage and Core Basketry with  Anne Jillett  (SATURDAY MORNING WORKSHOP 10 - 11:30am).

FEB 28   Experimental Drawing with Kristin Tennyson

MAR 7    Collaging with Conversation with Carole King

MAR 14  Bending Blending and Breaking Illustration with Caroline Mudge

MAR 21  Botanical Connections with Julie McEnerny

MAR 28  The Fine Art of Drawing with Olivia Azzopardi

APR 4    Reconnecting Jewellery with Kate Hunter

APR 11   Quirky Clay Brooches with Felicity Bury

APR 18   Gouaching Around with Harry Bate

MAY 2    Chromatic Arrays with Clyde Williams

Classes are filling fast. Make a booking today to secure your spot at the table. 

Bookings through Eventbrite:  CLICK HERE

The KickArts Shop and office is temporarily located in the School of Arts precinct on Lake Street until 1 June 2019. During this time KickArts is activating a new space two doors down to deliver weekly activities. The Hive takes its name from the retailers and artisans that worked in these spaces to produce and sell handmade items in the early days of Cairns. The BeeHive Cafe and Beehive BootShop operated on this strip from 1920 to 1960. 


MONDAY 25 MARCH .   6:30 - 8:00pm

Join Tetsutoshi and Mariana of 66b/cell for an open conversation around The Hive table, its surface animated through an interweaving of tangible objects and virtual skins, porous, permeable, malleable and fluid. Inspired by the minutiae of organic life: a drop of water, the veins of a leaf, the patterns on lizard skin. 

Topic for discussion: Can digital media bring us closer to a sense of the organic world? Where does the skin start or stop? Can skin even be digital? Does using images / imagery in this way enhance or hinder our attention to felt sensations?

WHAT IS 66b/cell?

66b/cell is a project-based art collective, co-founded in 1994 by Tetsutoshi Tabata and Maria Adriana Verdaasdonk. Together with other artists they collaborate on projects that revolve around inquiry into body movement and projected visual media.

66b/cell works in theatres, galleries, museums, outdoor and in-between fluid spaces, often using body movement fused with real time and pre-recorded computer graphics and animation to creative different textures, lighting and kinetic effects. 

In 2020, 66b/cell will relocate to make Far North Queensland their new home base. Come and meet Mariana and Tetsutoshi and discuss some of the topics that fascinate them and are investigated through their ongoing artistic practice.

For more information and to book:  CLICK HERE



| 'sindikit | Visiting Artist Talk with Zoë Charlton and Tim Doud from USA    TUESDAY 12 March 6:30pm at The Hive | KickArts offsite | FREE

Come together for an Artist Talk with independent contemporary artists Zoë Charlton and Tim Doud, who are visiting KickArts in Cairns from the USA. Zoë and Tim are colleagues who lecture at American University and colllaborate as co-workers, professors, artists, curators, and organisers.

Together they to produce the ongoing project | ‘sindikit | which aims to foster community conversations among cultural producers, local and national visual artists, and arts allies that have a stake in discussing socio-political and cultural issues.