Kiar 'Reclaiming Myself' 2017 digital video still
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KickArts Curator Award 2017

1 September - 28 September 2018

Tanks Arts Centre

The Annual ENERGY Exhibition showcases artworks by some of Far North Queensland’s outstanding secondary senior students of visual arts. On display at the Tanks Art Centre in Tank 4 between 1 September and 28 September 2017, this free exhibition is open to the public between 9:30am – 4:30pm weekdays, and 10:00am - 2:30pm on weekends. Further information on this exhibition is available online.

KickArts Contemporary Arts is proud to support this exhibition through the annual KickArts Curator Award that recognises the work of an outstanding visual arts student. Once selected and announced, the student is featured on the KickArts website and invited to participate in an up-and-coming exhibition install, working closely with and receiving training from industry experts at KickArts.

KickArts is proud to announce Kiara Smith from Trinity Bay State High School as the recipient of the 2016 KickArts Curator Award for the work 'Reclaiming Myself' (2017).


Artist Statement

This work communicates my experience as a young indigenous woman who struggles to understand the personal anxiety and intergenerational hurt that I feel accompanies me everywhere.  In an effort to reconcile this anxiety and to conquer it, I recorded myself impacting upon, controlling and demolishing a single block of clay.  Simultaneously I wanted to show how this anxiety is an all encompassing shell that weighs me down and threatens to envelope me.  My videos of the destruction and the suffocating nature of this anxiety is heightened by soundtrack played by my grandmother using a traditional kulup and bamboo percussion instruments.