Fiona Roberts The Rug 2014/15 (detail)
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CAMILLE SERISIER - The Wonderful Land Of Oz

Humans dress as animals in this thinly veiled yet playfully absurd versionof Australia, as clouds reference national identity, the Sydney Opera Housegoes on tour, and a koala admires Ken Done. Camille Serisier’s thoughtful works question the storybook narrative of settler colonialism and pioneering adventure. Serisier critiques a European cultural heritage that remains inherently problematic.

27 March to 30 May 2015

MICHAEL COOK - Through My Eyes

By morphing the facial features of living Indigenous Australians into the physiognomy of some of Australia’s most prominent historical public figures, the artist challenges the observer to scrutinise these portraits from an alternative point-of-view; that is, through Indigenous eyes. In so doing, these powerful images implore the viewer to reflect upon conventional approaches to history and sanction a re-evaluation of our delusive collective narratives.

27 March to 30 May 2015



FIONA ROBERTS - Intimate Vestiges

The subjective nature of the home is explored through a variety of body textures that are obscured by pattern, repetition, and traditional ornamentation in household furnishings. This blurs the boundaries between the home and body, making it difficult to determine where the house ends and where the person begins. 

9 May to 13 June 2015



GEOFF DIXON - Reference / Point, series 2

These works intend to explore what we face on a global level, rather than just in our own back yard. 

20 April to 30 May 2015




Curator: Shannon Brett