Lois Hayes 'Gateway to dreams' 2017 sterling silver, wood, acrylic paint and nylon cord dimensions variable (detail)
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Defined - Lois Hayes

2 May - 3 June 2017

The Jim Traynor Feature Wall

As a contemporary artist Lois Hayes current focus on artistic jewellery sees her explore elements of asymmetrical balance. Combining both natural and man-made objects within her pieces, Hayes undertakes a meditative act of construction within each piece, from which these contrasting materials find harmony through an asymmetrical design approach. Hayes latest exhibition Defined demonstrates the results of her current body of work, imbued with forms and motifs of the environment of Far North Queensland to which Hayes relocated some four years ago.


Essay by Bek Misic:

The jewellery of Lois Hayes unites her previous studies in Painting and Sculpture at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and is a natural extension of both art forms.  Her creative output in Silversmithing has evolved over the last decade, driven by a desire to extend her art practice into wearable art forms. In her relocation from Western Australia, to Far North Queensland some four years ago, Hayes is now finding her works imbued with forms and motifs inspired by her new environment.  Her previous decades working with Ikebana based contemporary floristry and horticulture further informs her creative practice. 

The works featured in Hayes’ solo exhibition Defined are both intuitive and considered in their creation.  Each individual piece is a response to the unique qualities of the found natural and man-made objects she collects, and which form the beginning of each work.  Elements including wood, gems, coral and thread are juxtaposed with traditional silversmithing techniques and materials. Hayes recognises the importance of process and the need to take time to reflect upon and grow into each piece.  The works created are both sophisticated and whimsical, often containing linear and sculptural elements that reference the artworks of Paul Klee and Miro. Topographical, textural, asymmetrical and contemplative, each of these wearable sculptures evokes their own journey.