Michelle Xen 'Still from Gold Drum' (Image courtesy of Kick Off Contemporary Art Program)(detail)
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Kick Off - Boundaries Between Art and Sport

15 November 2014 - 31 January 2015

Gallery One

Resonating with our human experiences and principles, sport drives our perceptions in ways that also apply to contemporary art practice. Kick Off is a curated program of video art that seeks to explore the boundaries between art and sport in contemporary Australian culture. It aims to inspire, challenge and excite both sports fans and lovers of contemporary art alike. The works vary in disposition; from those that are light and humorous contrasted with other more abstract interpretations of strategy, the game, movement, winners and losers and nationhood.

Exhibiting Artists

Vernon    AH KEE
Michael    AIRD
Boe-Lin    BASTIAN
Morgan    BELL
Callum    COOPER
Megan    COPE
Benjamin    DUCROZ
Lee    EVANS
Tarryn    GILL
Chris    HOWLETT
Laresa    KOSLOFF
Gabriella    MANGANO
Silvana    MANGANO
Laith    McGREGOR
Daniel    McKEWEN
Angelica    MESITI
Paul    MUMME
Rebecca    ROSS
Julie    RRAP
Grant    STEVENS
Craig    WALSH
Shayna    WELLS
Michelle    XEN
Soda Jerk   

Courtesy of Stadiums Queensland, Queensland Government and supported by JCU Creative Media.